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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a utility to create texture files?

Yes, texdc is a command line utility that takes a TIFF file and creates a TEX file for use in latlong or cubeface environment maps, texture maps, shadow maps, etc.

Usage: texdc [-command option] [tiff filename] [texture filename]

How do I compile my shaders?

Usage: shaderdc [shader filename]

Is RenderDotC v3.1 multithreaded or does it have multiprocessor support?

Currently, to take advantage of multiprocessing you have to manually split up your animation into frames. You then send a subset of your frames to each processor. You will need a separate license for each process. Future support will allow multiple processors to work on the same frame.

Can RenderDotC v3.1 use RenderMan shaders?

Yes, We now have a fully implemented RenderMan compliant shading language.

What modelers can I use with RenderDotC?

Any modeler that outputs RIB. NURBS based modelers are recommended over polygonal based modelers to maximize the quality of RenderDotC's output.

Is RenderDotC a Ray Tracer?

No, RenderDotC uses a high quality scanline architecture. It has the quality you would expect from a Ray Tracer, but renders images in a fraction of the time a Ray Tracer would.

Can RenderDotC do animation?

Yes, you define a series of frames. RenderDotC renders each frame as a TIFF. You can then use various tools to sequence the TIFF files into a movie.

Can RenderDotC v3.1 do motion blur and displacement mapping?

Yes, Motion Blur can be both transformational and geometrical. Extreme displacements are also handled.

In what ways is RenderDotC better than PhotoRealistic RenderMan?

  • PC platforms

    RenderDotC v3.1 is currently available on Windows 95/98/NT and Linux. RenderDotC v3.1 is also available on the SGI platform. Future ports are planned for DEC Alpha, IBM AIX, and Sun.

  • Custom Engineering

    Dot C Software, Inc. is willing to customize for vertical markets.

  • Price

    Currently RenderDotC v3.1 is more economical than PhotoRealistic RenderMan. Our price is half of the current cost of PhotoRealistic RenderMan.

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