RenderDotC Used In Film " Orange County"

RDC and MaiTai bring big wave to the big screen

For Immediate Release

January 29, 2002

Contact: Cheryl M. LaMont, CEO/President
Dot C Software, Inc.
(808) 744-0836

Dot C Software's RenderDotC Film Edition renderer was used in the creation of visual effects for Orange County, the MTV production distributed nationwide by Paramount Pictures on January 11, 2002. In one of the opening scenes, a surfer attempts to catch the ultimate wave. The turbulent ocean water in that scene was created with a set of computer graphics software tools that included Maya, RenderDotC, and MaiTai, Dot C Software's Maya plug-in. Another plug-in originally developed for "The Perfect Storm" completed the toolset.

RenderDotC and MaiTai are positioned as high performance professional graphics tools. "The main reasons people are choosing RenderDotC are speed and price", stated Dot C Software's CTO, Rick LaMont. "Our tools were designed in the 1990's to take advantage of modern hardware and software technologies, and now they have the maturity that comes from being proven on several feature films."

"It's appropriate that RenderDotC was used to render the ocean", said Cheryl LaMont, CEO of Dot C Software. "Countless surfers have visited Hawaii's North Shore to try to tame the giant surf. Now studios have discovered that RenderDotC is the wave of the future and are using it to tame production costs and rendering times."

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